Colorize terminal output and log files with CCZE

CCZE is a fast log colorizer written in C intended to be a replacement for other terminal colorizer like colorize (made in perl) and grc/grcat (made in python). CCZE is way more faster then it predecessor, and come with twenty preset profile for thing like exim, fetchmail, apache, postfix, php and syslog log file. CCZE can also colorize you terminal input, if you add the -A parameter.


ccze /var/log/foobar.log

As usual you can add a pipe for more (or less 😉 ) usage:

ccze /var/log/foobar.log | more

For less don’t forget to add the -R option for ANSI colors interpretation:

tail -n 50 /var/log/foobar.log | ccze -A | less -R

[Nginx] 413 Request Entity Too Large

This error append when trying to upload a file bigger than 1Mbits on a platform using Nginx as an HTTP server or reverse-proxy/SSL off-loader. That because Nginx, by default, limit client query size.

You can change the upper value using the client_max_body_size directive into Nginx setting file:

# vi /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
client_max_body_size <new_value>;

Note: if you want to disable this behavior, set the value to 0.