[DRAC] Segfault with virtual console

Okay let be clear: i dislike Dell’s iDRAC. Sure unlike ILO there is no license to buy and the interface is pretty convenient, but why something as essential as the console access is so buggy and unreliable ?

Last example: no matter which version of Java i use on my Arch direct crash of the console at startup. After digging a little I luckily came across this link which explain everything and give this workaround :

zapan:~# vi /tmp/idracfix.c
#define _GNU_SOURCE


void *dlopen(const char *filename, int flags) {
    if (filename && !strcmp(filename, "/usr/lib/libssl.so"))
            return NULL;
    void *(*original_dlopen)(const char *, int);
    original_dlopen = dlsym(RTLD_NEXT, "dlopen");
    return (*original_dlopen)(filename, flags);

Compile it:

gcc -Wall -fPIC -shared -o idracfix.so idracfix.c -ldl

And for now launch javaws while setting LD_PRELOAD when using iDrac console :

LD_PRELOAD=./idracfix.so javaws viewer.jnlp

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